Signotec e-signature solutions

IConcepts is very proud to present you our new product from our new partner from Germany, Signotec GmbH.

          Signotec GmbH is the leading provider of technology for capturing and processing hand-written signatures eletronically. With over 1500,000 licences in place, their software is the top-selling brand on the market. In effect, signotec software sets standard when it comes to processing signature electronically using signature pads or tablet PCs. On their customers’ behalf, they develop comprehensive system solutions for any number of applications areas. They are therefore in a position to provide you with the best possible support for developing specific solutions.  
          More than 4,000 discerning customers have alreday seen what they can offer. There are very few notable companies that do not yet count themselves among their customers.  

          Be it in trade, industry or the financial sector, signotec solutions have proved their worth all-round, both in Germany and across the globe. Our international focus attracts all companies that operate not only nationally but also across borders.  



Signosign in use in CLAAS’s technical service division. Secure signing of service reports in PDF format and further processing.



Adobe Reader plug-in in use at the Sparkassen Organisation. Secure signing of Adobe LiveCycle documents to ensure authentication.

SignoSign integrated into the Pro-Net service application at Provinzial Insurance. Signing of application forms and consultation records.


There are a lot more details about this amazing technology for you to explore.

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