Network Management
  • Network Management is a sophisticated network management software that integrates the latest GIS technology with Google map support and Microsoft virtual earth.
  • The software is designed to manage very complex large networks in both Ethernet and TDM technologies.
  • The software is capable of designing and planning different types of cables, everything from large multi-core fiber optic cables to basic copper 4 wire cables. Moreover included as part of Google auto-routing is made possible to even route the most optimum cable based on the distance.
  • Finally the CEO for the first time will now know exactly the existing capacity of their network both the cables as well as the hardware.
  • GIS map system that will interface with both Google Maps or Microsoft
    Virtual Earth, almost every features can be incorporated;
  • GIS map will work online offline for both map and satellite view;
  • Network management for multiple technology, Ethernet and TDM;
  • Network topology design both network ring and TDM main and backup;
  • Sales Team will have instant access to GIS coverage data as well as
    network capacity to provide customer real time quotation estimations;
  • For the first time you are truly able to manage and understand the
    customer circuit configuration;
  • Network planning and investment allows a virtual network to be setup
    and see what the projected cost of investment is and the ROI;
  • Mobile real time interface units can provide customer service with real
    time up to date data to monitor any problems with the infrastructure;
  • Dozen’s of reports to help management make informed decision on
    investment, capacity, and network efficiency.


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