Why work with us

    Innovative Concepts is a medium sized highly skilled and rapid growing company based in Thailand. We specializes in niche and sophisticated product development, utilizing the best resources combined with best practices. We are a company that has the knowhow and capability of delivering solutions that meet the highest standards.

    Our company philosophy is to work hard and play hard, do and learn something new everyday. We are a company that wants high energy individuals with a can do attitude and willing to learn and push the boundary. Salary at IConcepts is 100% performance based not on the years of work experience; we will not be beaten on remuneration.

    IConcepts is the only CMMI level 3 company with full Agile methodology. Rated as the number one SME company in Thailand in 2009 in software. Wining in Thailand ICT Award and Intel Software Optimization Award, we are strive to be the leader in cutting edge technology with partner such as Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, Software Park, SIPA and ATCI.

Working Environment

  • Office

IMG_0414_1 The warm and comfortable work place where you can enjoy working and come up with excellent idea and output. The office had been designed to be the place that you feel like working at home.

You are also allowed to decorate your work area any style you like to make you feel as much happy as you want because we believe that if you are happy when you are working, you will never work for the rest of your life.   IMG_1110
  • Chill out area

The pool table, in the middle of the office, the most popular leisure area in IConcepts Team. As our philosophy, “Work hard, play harder”, after the hard work all day, we will hang out and have fun together here as a family. 

Welcome area where is the first impression will begin.
Very near to the pool table is a very nice kitchen where everyone can cook their Breakfast, Lunch, or even Dinner. The kitchen is in the very middle of the office where there are always some food or snack on the counter for everyone to share. This area is not just for sharing food but  we also share a very fun and good experience together. IMG_1083
  • Meeting room
The modern style meeting room with the high technology that support every kind of your magnificient idea. IMG_1096
IMG_1102 The meeting room is large enough for saperate it into 2 rooms with the partition which make we have both very nice and privacy area for hosting our guest and  meeting in the same time.
  • Team Outing
  After our hard work throughout the year, there is lots of successful and happiness achievement at the end. IConcepts gives you a reward as an annual outing. This tradition makes everyone in the team closer and have a stronger relationship, the most important, the very best experience together.  


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Company Culture

  • Relax but professional
  • Gain experience
  • Work hard, Play harder
  • Enjoy snacks!
  • Share knowledge
  • Weekly training
  • Work with brightest people in industry

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