Company Background


As a technology focused company, with a vision to deliver solutions to our customers that otherwise would not be achievable. This is a bold statement; however, we believe with our track record, we have the backing of our customers and sufficient evidence of our capability. At IConcepts, we are not only a software house; we make the impossible, possible. With IConcepts extensive oversea large scale project success and quality driven approach and the only company in Thailand that has been CMMI level 3 certified with a software development methodology based on Agile. Moreover, IConcepts was also recognized in 2009 as the number one SME software company in Thailand by an independent government body.

Our long term customer is in the biometrics industry. We have specific domain knowledge regarding fingerprint processing, image processing, and fingerprint matching. Our directors have extensive telecommunication experience; both directors were involved in the startup of Orange and Hutchison mobile in Thailand. Software development process domain knowledge is an area of special interest for our directors. IConcepts – as a key speaker – was also involved in many lectures, presentations on Agile software development. IConcepts work as a consultant with large public companies to training their team on IConcepts development methodology such as configuration management or software development implementation.

As IConcepts continues to grow at an expediential rate we believe that IConcepts is in a position to help your business in transforming your IT department from a cost center into a real revenue generating department. We have included in the next section a brief on some of our solution that we have developed for our customers.

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