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Product feature and Benefits:

• FBI and DOJ certified;
• Single capture, rolls, Ten print, and palm print;
• Using the latest Microsoft .NET technology;
• Using the commonly used SQL server as the backend; and
• AFIS built into the software.


• Fully customizable business rule engine (using standard XML technology);
• The only FBI and US Department of Justice certified software and scanner in the market;
• Easy and intuitive software design;
• Software designed to allow for touch screen operation;
• Fully scalable, allow for multiple scanner setup to one store backend;
• AFIS system is included; and
• Industrial strength scanner with a 5 year lifespan of continuous use.

Product description:

imageIConcepts offers a full range of biometric fingerprint capture and cross matching capability (up to 1,000,000 records). The software is designed to provide the user an intuitive and easy to use interface at the same time incorporating the latest technology and commonly used backbends into our package. Providing a fully scalable and flexible product allowing you to upgrade as your business grows.

Our software was designed from the ground up with the customers needs as the focal point, allowing customers to fully customize the business requirements without the need for application customization. The business rules are fully configurable and easy to use (standard XML technology).

This reduces the cost over the life of the product eliminating the need to have us reconfigure the application whenever changes are required.

At IConepts, we have a product for every fingerprint needs; ranging form single capture prints to the full ten print and palm capture. Our scanners are not those basic CMOS non-durable type scanners, ours is the full optics CCD scanner that is designed to provide long lasting continuous use 24 by 7

Suitable for:

• Capture of suspect prints;
• Capture of elimination prints;
• Capture of applicant fingerprints: Civil Background Check;
• Capture of immigration fingerprint: Border Control;
• Capture of fingerprints from visa applicants: Embassy & Consulate; and
• Capture of fingerprints from asylum seekers & refugees.



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