Enterprise Electronic KPIs’ Dashboard Tool

Most companies globally have dashboard problems mainly inaccuracy and timeliness problem. Reconciliation of data and reports from each department for the same categories are inconsistent. Moreover, there are manual work related to dashboard production. To improve the competitive edge, the improvement for dashboard need to be in place to facilitate company dashboard to be accurate and be timeliness.

By providing the requirements for centralided data library, the consistency for dashboard production will allow company, agencies to have the dashboards that provide the same correct and consistency figures.

image Feature:

The eKPIs provides the organization with the following features:

• Centralized dashboard localization, enhancement and implementation

• Manage and facilitate the development of Centralized dashboard

• Maintain and support Centralized dashboard system



Upon implementation of this project, the business benefits will be as follows:

• Consistency of figures for inputs of dashboard

• Reduce confusion of data source

• Reduce work duplication among departments

• Reduce interruption of contact for input from many parties

• More opportunity to reduce turn around time of dashboard production

• Reduce workload of each department

• Simplify the dashboard process

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