IConcepts has joined SPI.


SPI is the project that had been established to support software company in Thailand to success in their bussiness by having them have CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration). IConcepts Co.,Ltd. is one of 23 companies in Thailand that have CMMI standard


IConcepts Lives on Morning Talk.

Morning TalkMorning Talk1

Morning Talk, English speaking TV show in Thailand had invited IConcepts to be one of the topics in their show to talk about Fingerprint Scanner Software that is being used in FBI in America and also every immigration around Thailand. They would like to know how effective it is. Let’s check it out.


Smart Solution for solving Cambodian beggars issue around the border of Thailand.

Aran Immigration

Modern Nine TV News had presented about the problem at the border to Cambodia in Sakaew province that there are too many beggars. The goverment needs to control these increasing number by identify every immigrant using fingerprint scanner software that had been developed by IConcepts Co.,Ltd.


Golf Management System on TV Show.

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SIPA was very proudly present one of the best genius software that had been invented by Thai people, Golf Management System. For those who is interested in Golf Business or looking for learning some new technology, please check this TV show out. One time never enough for Click Zone TV Show to invite our talented Sales and Marketing Director, Ms. Nattida Sa-Nguansin to show another outstanding system from IConcepts and how new high technology can go along with sport business so well.


IConcepts talks about Biometric Figerprint System.

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Ms. Nattida Sa-Nguansin had been invited to be the guest on Click Zone TV show. Click Zone is the TV show that has been created by the cooperation between SIPA and Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan).


Ms.Nattida Lives on “This is Thailand”, TV Show.


Miss Nattida Sa-Nguansin – Sales and Marketing Director of IConcepts was invited to be interview live on the show called “This is Thailand” as an outstanding software developer company in Thailand who is very famous in many institues around the world that need high technology security system.


IConcepts had been interviewed by German mass media in CeBIT 2012, Hannover, Germany, on the 6th to 10th of March, 2012.


Mr. Michael Chen – The Technician Director of IConcepts was asked to be interviewed by German Media at CeBIT fair 2012.


Windows Phone 7 Party In Association with DTAC, HTC and Microsoft


IConcepts was asked by Microsoft Thailand to present that unique Golf Course Management Software at the launch of the Windows  Phone 7 release.  The event was a great success with great attention paid by many of the press on the wonderful features of the application, including embedded video and GPS information.




Agile Development In Software Testing


Michael Chen, our technical director, a long time agile expert was invited to be on the panel of speakers to talk about agile development in software testing.  There were over 300 audiences in the hall.  The event was organised by Software Park Thailand and sponsored by Reuters Thailand.


IConcepts wins Software Optimization Award


IConcepts had modified E-Fingerprint application to support multi-core technology, and resulted in winning the IPod touch and certification from Software Optimization Award.




As a technology focused company, with a vision to deliver solutions to our customers that otherwise would not be achievable. This is a bold statement; however, we believe with our track record, we have the backing of our customers and sufficient evidence of our capability. At IConcepts, we are not only a software house; we make the impossible, possible. With IConcepts extensive oversea large scale project success and quality driven approach and the only company in Thailand that has been CMMI level 3 certified.

image Our core product is our world class Livescan solutions. We have specific domain knowledge regarding fingerprint processing, image processing, and fingerprint matching. Our team have extensive telecommunication experience, software development processes, and all facets of Microsoft technologies.

As IConcepts continues to grow at an expediential rate we believe that IConcepts is in a position to help your business in transforming your IT department from a cost center into a real revenue generating department. We have included in the next section a brief on some of our solution that we have developed for our customers.

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